UK Company Formations from Bourse

UK Company Formations

Completely automated company formations from Bourse for private limited companies, PLC's and guarantee companies. Using our unique online service, incorporation is guaranteed by Companies House within 24 hours, but usually within 3-4 hours!

This site is no longer active. Please visit our new updated Company Formation ordering platform and update your bookmark accordingly. Thank you.

Bourse Company Services Limited

Whether setting up your own business or acting on your clients behalf, leave it to Bourse to ensure you comply with all the latest legislation and make certain you choose the right type of company formation first time around.

What type of company are you forming?

Ordinary Private Company Limited by Shares

- the most popular type of company set-up, which is ideal for most business users.

Packages from £80.00

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Company Limited by Guarantee

- a company suitable for clubs, societies, trade associations etc. which are usually non-profit making and/or non-trading.

Packages from £140.00

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Property/Flat Management Company

- a company to acquire and manage a mutually owned property or development; can either be 'Limited by Shares' or 'Limited by Guarantee'.

Packages from £220.00

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Public Limited Company (PLC)

- a company that can offer its shares to the public, with the enhanced status that 'PLC' offers!

Packages from £220.00

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